The Student Safety and Security Committee

Welcome to the home page for the Student Safety and Security Committee (SSSC) of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Here, you will find our funding application and links to safety resources across the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. In addition to the utilizing the resources provided on this page, we encourage you to attend one of our meetings, which are open to the press and public.

We encourage guest participation in our meetings through the “Town Hall” portion. The Town Hall segment of meetings is intended to allow students, staff and faculty to voice their safety concerns, complaints or event announcements to the committee.

What is the SSSC?

The SSSC is charged by the student code to be an independent agency of student government that shall maintain and appropriate the Student Safety and Security Fee to campus organizations and university departments to promote student safety at UNC Chapel Hill.

As a committee that oversees the allocation of student fees, the SSSC is quite literally accountable to every student, staff and faculty member and the priorities of the student body collectively. We take this charge very seriously, and seek to safeguard utmost transparency of our operations and funding processes.

It is also important to note that the student code only allows the SSSC to allocate the safety and security fund to (1) registered student organizations and (2) university departments. Simply put, you must have an account with SAFO to receive funding.

We encourage any and all student organization members and university department staff to think big, propose projects that will benefit as many members of Carolina Community as possible and develop a realistic budget before requesting funding. Details on funding limitations are included on our funding page.

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